What does Rolling Back the Years do?

Focusing on a stronger long-term rather than short-term memory, we have produced over 30 unique memory folders covering six decades, that are designed to help those living with dementia to interact with their care-givers and families.

The folders are packed full of reminiscing items from the 1930s to the 1980s that are sure to get those living with dementia starting to chat about what they can remember within the folders.

Each edition has been carefully researched to be as broad and eclectic in their content as possible.

Here are just a few examples of the folders’ contents:

  • Health – did you know that when a brand of cigarette called Kensitas launched Kensitas Mild back in the 1940s, the company ran an advertisement claiming that 84% of doctors recommended the product?
  • Games – Waddingtons introduced a game called Totopoly in the 1930s (an off-shoot to Monopoly) which was based on horse racing and was perfect for “Black-Out Nights.”
  • Food – In the 1940s, Rowntrees Cocoa aided digestion and for a family of four managing on £1.20 a week for food, was an ideal supplement for the children.
  • Holidays – In the 1960s, Shaw Savill Line were publicising world cruises on their tourist liners for £281 per person. And Shanklin on the Isle of Wight was the “seaside resort for sunny holidays.” You could even treat yourself in the 1970s to a return coach trip to Barcelona for £33 from Victoria Coach Station.
  • Gifts – The Parker Pen Company Ltd based in WC2 London, launched the “New Parker 51 Pen and Pencil Set” for just £6.4.0 (that’s £6 and 4 shillings) in the 1950s. Also, you could buy a Kodak Instamatic for up to £90 for your kids in the 1970s.
  • Cars – In the 1950s, the Ford Consul was the choice of car for the Test Pilot and also for Lady Doctors. Superb unique front suspension for the guys and ease of parking for the girls! Only £470.
  • Sports – Sky launches 9 February 1989 with the slogan “You’ll never say there’s nothing on the box again.” Dixons have reserved orders for 15,000 dishes. And in the 60s, Puma launch a football boot with Eusebio’s name on them.

With over 150 separate items in each folder, there are loads of other topics to ensure great interest and fun!

All our folders are manufactured using durable plastic and can be cleaned easily. We know spills can happen!

Bring Back the Joy

We want to bring back the joy of being with people living with dementia and making their lives, and yours, fuller.

We know how difficult it is to have the same questions asked of you repeatedly…”Where do you live now?” “Are you married?” Eventually the kids are reluctant to see Grandma or Grandpa as things can be so repetitive. Use any tool or method that can mend those feelings. We are sure that the Rolling Back The Years folders can do that for your family.

These memory folders are a “pick up and put down” item that can fill the gap between a book and a magazine and left in an open place. Anybody can use them. Enjoy your new time with your loved ones

An affordable and valuable gift
for Mum or Dad!