Choose from a selection of over 30 easy-to-use folders – a unique and affordable way of connecting with loved ones living with dementia.

I bought a set of folders last Xmas for my Mum when by chance I spotted one in my doctor’s surgery. She doesn’t have dementia although she is getting a little forgetful. The folders, especially those relating to my childhood have sparked many conversations between us and I have learnt things I didn’t have any knowledge about when I was growing up. What’s clever about the folders is that there are so many topics to spark a chat and before you know it you are talking about something else entirely. Mum and I really enjoy using them.

Lena Coleman

Harrow, London, UK

My employers bought a few of these folders and I have found them invaluable helping me during my busy days. The folders give me a chance to “chat on the run” and my clients really enjoy telling me about their earlier lives. They also make me feel more comfortable that I am adding to their day and are very interesting with all the information they hold no matter which decade you use. I keep a couple in my car at all times!

Natalia Kowalski

Home Carer, Surrey, UK

Connect with loved ones

Have your loved ones communicating in a way you hadn’t expected

Arriving at my Mum’s care home is a much better experience now, because I know we won’t lapse into the usual chat that goes nowhere while I am there. When there is little feedback from somebody, it is quite stressful having to come up with things to talk about. So having the folders to use, I actually look forward to entering the home as opposed to it being a bit of a “duty” thing. Even the rest of the family will tag along, something that never used to happen.

The Kesslers


A truly valuable resource used to invite discussion as a means to developing meaningful and stimulating conversations.

Produced to reflect the advertisements and significant events of specific decades, the material is easy to use by residents, staff and relatives alike, acting as an effective tool to unlock special memories and connect with feelings and thoughts that can support a resident’s identity and encourage vital interaction with others.

Julie Drew

Occupational Therapist & Wellbeing and Activity Manager, UK

Anything that can help improve our visits to my Dad can only be a good thing. The folder has almost become a friend for me to help deal with the visits. It is so easy to engage in a conversation with him. We have learned things about him that we didn’t have a clue about.

The Parker Family

Prince George

I wasn’t sure how to deal with a good friend of mine when he developed dementia. I knew nothing about the disease really, but I could see him struggling to lead what we would call a normal life. So I bought a set for him and its made visiting him on other matters much easier because they are an ice breaker. What’s more, I really enjoy going to see him again because I found it difficult to adjust to his condition and I found myself making excuses to offset seeing him. The folders have helped me not to make any feeble excuses any more which has made me feel much happier and we both enjoy having fun with them.

Rob Chuck

Weybridge, Surrey, UK

I bought my mother a five-volume set of Rolling Back the Years for her birthday. She lives in a retirement home with people in their 80s an 90s. I am sure that these volumes will provide hours of conversation starters for my mother and her friends. I can’t wait to hear  the stories that these folders will generate.

Also, it’s great that they are washable and robust. Accidents will happen.

Graham Holiday

North Vancouver


A valuable tool to continue meaningful conversation!

Revisiting our past can be an important and enjoyable experience for us all and it is particularly important for people living with dementia. “Rolling Back the Years” is a really excellent resource for care services, that help people to relive their past, and improve their well-being. The latest folders will be a really useful addition to the already published material, that is being used to great effect within the care sector.

Professor Martin Green OBE

Chief Executive, Care England

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